Prepping for Christmas Dinner

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

So it’s been decided. We are having standing rib roast for Christmas. Whew, thank goodness because that I can do (over the turducken). I put the 4-bone roast in the refrigerator for aging yesterday. Ahhhh, can’t wait! The Mister is planning on making his garlic mash potato. We’ll also have sauteed mushrooms, au jus, corn, and probably something else. Ahhhh, can’t wait! Oh, did I say that already? hehe

If you’re still debating as to what to make for Christmas dinner, and you like an awesome prime rib, give the recipe a shot. Everyone who has tried and and reported back said it turned out great. Accolades to all those who made it and ate it. No kidding, really. I’m not joking. And the best thing is that everyone will think you worked really really hard on it to make it that perfect. Hey, let them think that, you deserve it!


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