Weekend Update (4/20/09)

April 20, 2009 § 3 Comments

Woo doggy was it hot yesterday! It was 96 where I was but it didn’t stop us from working in the yard or eating. Unfortunately no pictures of anything we ate. Well, actually that’s not true. I did take pictures but they all turned out blurry and crappy. Not a single food picture turned out. Not a one. I’ve had it with that Casio and now just waiting for my new camera to arrive tomorrow!! So until then, you’ll have to settle on no pictures. (You suck.) I know…

Anyway, we took a drive down to Linda Vista on Saturday to have lunch at Sab-E-Lee. You can read the previous review here, with pictures. It was 11:30 am when we got there and already 4 tables full (the place only sit about 20 people at 6-7 tables). We ordered Phad Thai with shrimp (it was okay, a little sweeter than usual), Nahm Tok (love this dish), and Thai Sausage Fried Rice (another must order for me). We also decided to try something new and got the Fried Chicken Wings (how I love my fried chicken wings). I wish I had my camera for this because it was so crunchy and had bits of sauteed garlic spread on top. It came with a sweet dipping sauce but I ate the wings as is. As usual, we always order more food than we can eat so we could have leftovers!

That evening, I made chicken katsu to have with the leftover Thai Sausage Fried Rice but I’ll save that for another time so I can get some pictures of the chicken katsu as well as the recipe, which is really simple. I’m still tweaking the katsu sauce so hopefully by the time I post, I’ll have worked out the kinks.

Well, that’s about it for today. Hope everyone has a great week. Now go and eat well, even in this heat!


§ 3 Responses to Weekend Update (4/20/09)

  • Charlie Fu says:

    Their chicken wings are pretty tasty.
    I’m SO glad they hired more people to work here. When I first started going here before MMM-Yoso reviews and etc, you would be the only person in the restaurant but your food would take 30+ minutes.

  • this is on my list of places to go when i have the time to go down to sd in the summer…will remember to order the chicken wings

  • CAB says:

    Hey Charlie! I know! We haven’t been since before all the write-ups so I was surprised when I saw another person help serve and bus the tables. Dishes were coming out of the kitchen pretty fas so they must have worked out some of the kinks in the kitchen. Now if they would just start taking debit and/or credit cards….

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