Cristy's Bakery and Restaurant

June 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

A coworker of mine recommended Cristy’s to me and my friend, L several times in the past when we talked about Filipino food. She said she loves Cristy’s because of the bakery but that the turo-turo is pretty good too. Cristy’s is a small family-operated store, which I have a fondness for. So I was looking forward to trying it. L and I finally made a stop here for lunch this week.

Before we went, I went to their website just to check things out. I shuttered when I saw the video of Rod Luck from KUSI doing a segment on Cristy’s. It had nothing to do with Christy’s but all about Rod Luck. Yes, that guy makes me shudder and the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t help feel the need to take a shower after watching him. Sorry if I’m creaping anyone out but it doesn’t help that I’ve heard stories from an acquaintence who appeared on a couple of his segments. But that’s not the story here today, folks. The story is Cristy’s Bakery and Restaurant.

We got there shortly after 11 am and there was already a line of 5 people deep. Sheesh, and we thought we ate lunch early.  I immediately noticed all the baked goods on the shelves next to me. The pan de ube caught my eye so I grabbed a bag (6/bag @ $2/bag).  Once we moved our way up to the counter, we now had a better look at all the entrees.

L decided to get a 2-item combo with only pancit (+$1). She chose beef kaldereta and chicken adobo.

L was pretty disappointed with her meal overall.  According to her, the chicken adobo lacked flavor and doesn’t compare to R & B’s. According to Cristy’s online menu, the chicken adobo is listed as “plain.”  I’m not familiar enough with Filipino food to know what plain means but since no gravy was served with the chicken, maybe that has something to do with it.

I tried a piece of the beef kaldereta and the piece I had was a bit tough but I thought it had decent flavor. I do agree with L that I prefer R & B’s version of it, as well as Amerasian’s version.

I also got a 2-item combo with half rice and half pancit. Sorry the picture sucks, had to rely on my Blackberry phone (phooey!). I chose pork menudo and pork mechado. Yeah, it was an oink day for me.

I enjoyed the pork menudo but the mechado was a tad too salty for me. I saved most of that for the Mister, hehe. L liked the pork menudo too. Yes, I shared like a good friend should share. I liked the pancit, which is a thinner rice noodle than what I’ve gotten at other places but L wasn’t too sure about the pancit. She said it had a fishy flavor to it. I felt kind of bad for L since she clearly didn’t enjoy her lunch as much as I did. I ended up taking her leftovers home with me for dinner. It was then when I realized exactly what L was talking about with the fishy flavor. Apparently the pancit had pieces of fish cake of some sort, which I had mistaken for fat chunks at first. (hmmm, that means you put a piece of what you thought was fat in your mouth.) Yes I did, folks! I stuck that piece of fat right in with all intentions to eat it! Surprise surprise when I chewed on it and tasted fish. I haven’t told L yet that I now know what she was tasting. Eh, I’ll let her think it was all her imagination for a little longer cuz that’s what good friends should do. You know, mess with each other in good humor.

Anyway, I think L and I will stick with R & B for lunch (sorry Mi) but I will go back for the pan de ube (uber delicious and fresh) and possibly other goodies. At least L enjoyed the pan de ube. Next time we’re in the area, I’m going to drag her across the street to Valero’s to see how their baked goods stack up!

Cristy’s Bakery and Restaurant
9178 Mira Mesa Boulevard
San Diego, California 92126
Phone (858)271-6135
Fax (858)271-6154
Mon-Sun 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

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