Mi Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

June 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Just a quick post today about our favorite breakfast place. We usually only go out for breakfast when the Mister wants to since breakfast is not my favorite meal to go out for. Whenever we need to be in Escondido for something, we always try to time it so we can swing by Mi Guadalajara in the morning. Something about having chips and salsa for breakfast is just so appealing to me. Granted I can have chips and salsa any time of the day but there’s just something kind of naughty about having it for breakfast. Don’t ask me why.

Mi Guadalajara looks deceivingly small from the outside. The inside has several eating sections, even an outdoor patio (a fairly new addition). My sister-in-law used to work nearby and used to come here for happy hour. She says it gets really packed. We’ve only been for breakfast so far. 

The service is pretty consistent, as well as the food.  The waiters and waitresses are always very pleasant.  Sundays are buffet breakfasts and the servers are usually pretty busy getting that set up. We were here on Father’s Day so they had more than the usual buffet tables set up. We haven’t had the buffet before but there’s the usual stuff (eggs, fruit, potatoes, sausage) as well as the Mexican variety (refried beans, various meats, tortillas, soups I think, various salsas and some other stuff, etc.).

We got there just a bit before 9 am (later than we usually get here) and the Father’s Day crowd was just starting to build.  They even set up tables and chairs on the outside, probably anticipating for the later rush. We got seated right away.  The inside of the restaurant actually reminds me of a restaurant in Ensenada (too long ago for me to remember the name). There is fountain (been dry for quite some time to help with water conservation) right in the middle of the rotunda/center dining room. We got seated right next to it. The area behind that arch is the bar area, decent size, usually plasma screen, and door to the outdoor dining area.

Here’s a shot of another dining area over by the kitchen. There’s also a second floor but I don’t think that’s usually open.

On this morning, I noticed something above the entrance that I hadn’t noticed before. BTW, these chairs are not very comfortable, hard on the tush and stiff. Some even have butt divots.

Shortly after we were seated, our waitress came over to take our drink order. And then the chips and salsa came, yippee. The salsa is freshly made and the chips are, well fried tortilla chips. On most mornings, the chips are warm. The Mister does his usual mad dash to try to eat a few before I devour them. Can’t help it.

We  ordered our usuals. The Mister gets the Huevos con Chorizo ($6.25) You have a choice of flour or conr tortilla. This is always too much food for him.

 I like to get the American Breakfast of 2 eggs over easy, sourdough toast and potatoes ($3.25). I love salsa with eggs, especially soft boiled and over-easy. Sorry, we started eating before I remembered to take some pictures. We were so hungry. 

I love the rice, the Mister loves the potatoes. We always swap but we probably could ask the server if they can just swap it in the kitchen.  Next time.

A pretty darn tasty and hearty breakfast for a very reasonable price. And it’s a breakfast place that the Mister doesn’t have to twist my are to come to.

Mi Guadalajara
575 W 2nd Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025
Tel: (760) 746-4371
Hours of operation
Monday through Thursday

10:00 am to 10:00 pm
8:00am to 11:00 pm
7:00 am to 11:00 pm
7:00 am to 10:00 pm


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