Bubba Burgers

July 24, 2009 § 10 Comments

I know, I know.  I’m falling behind on my posts. But I have a really good excuse. Really! I’ve been busy getting the wheels turning for the kitchen remodel. Luckily my brain hasn’t exploded yet with all the information. But I do get a headache now and then from the research, akin to a brain freeze pain if you will.  I was debating whether to create a new blog for the remodel or just do it as part of this blog. We’ll see.

Okay, enough of my sorry-ass excuses for not posting anything this past week. Here’s today’s topic. Recently, the Mister picked up some Bubba Burgers at Albertson’s for us to try. We’ve heard good things about these and thought, why not? How would you know if you don’t try, right?

The Mister picked up the Original Bubba Burgers but you can get them in other variations (reduced fat??, angus, sweet onion, jalapeno, Texas shaped 1/2 lb patties, all natural, gourmet bites). The patties are interestingly shaped. For some reason, the shape reminded me of the outline of a buffalo. I don’t know why, it just did! 

Bubba Originals claim each patty is 1/3-lb of juicy, 100% ground USDA choice chuck that doesn’t need more than 10 minutes to cook. The instructions says not to defrost the patties and put them frozen directly onto the grill or pan. They say it’s because the patties would fall apart if they were defrosted.  We grilled them up on the gas grill about 4 minutes on each side, shooting for a medium-rare center. They did shrink a bit and I think we got the cooking time just right.

We topped off each burger with a deli slice of Tillamook medium cheddar cheese (couldn’t find sharp cheddar).

 Here’s a cross section of the cheese burger (tomato, ketchup, mustard, lettuce). As an after thought, we forgot the pickles on the side (boo).   

Although I wouldn’t go as far to agree with Bubba’s claim that this would be the best burger I’ve ever eaten, but it was pretty tasty and the meat was tender. Could have used a little salt and pepper on it for my taste. Certainly can’t beat the convenience of it. As a matter of fact, Bubba burgers are going to be a freezer staple during the remodel!

Hope y’all have a wondeful weekend! It’s going to be another hot one in San Diego!


§ 10 Responses to Bubba Burgers

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Cabcooks, if it makes any difference I would totally love reading about your kitchen remodel on your current blog!

    For a frozen patty these sound worth a try. Just curious, were they uniformly the same odd shape?

    • CAB says:

      Hey Dennis! Well alright! I think you’re right and I should just post on the same blog. Hell, I’ll need something to fill up the dead space.

      The Bubba burgers were probably the best frozen patties we’ve tried to date. They are uniformly the same odd shape. Even the paper that separates each patty was oddly shaped. I think I might try the Texas shaped patties if I can find them just to see their shape. Wonder how they’ll fit on a bun?!?

      • Dennis says:

        Never heard of the Texas patties.. But thanks for all the info, my freezer can use the variety of emergency stock. Currently foster farm corn dogs and a few lean cuisine boxes.. TJ’s eggplant parmesana… haha.
        My first comment came out a bit weird, I’ll enjoy the remodel post located either place! I definitely could use the inspiration for my own… eventually, someday it will happen… 🙂

        • CAB says:

          I haven’t seen the TX patties yet but keeping an eye out. Yum, foster farm corn dogs! Never tried the TJ’s eggplant parm but it’s been a while since I’ve been to TJ’s.

          No problem. I think doing the remodel posts on the same blog would probably be easier for me and for people to follow anyway. Someday, oh yeah, I’ve been saying that for so many years now and it looks like it’s *finally* going to happen. Pray for me… 😉

  • Kirk says:

    Hey CAB – Can’t say I’ve ever seen these…interesting! Man was it hot yesterday…..

    • CAB says:

      Hey Kirk! They were surprisingly tasty for a frozen patty. Thank goodness for an outside grill on hot days like we’ve been having.

  • fury says:

    im eating 1 right now, and they are the best frozen angus burgers ive had. mine is simple. sweet baby rays bbq sauce, spicy brown mustard, and a slice of mozarella cheese. paid 8 bux for a box at walmart. ill be going back before i run out.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Fury and thanks for stopping by! Yum, your hamburger sounds great! For $8, these definitely are a good bargain for the qualityof the patties. I’ll have to compare the prices between Walmart and Albertson’s.

  • Chaser says:

    FYI — Bubba Burgers do have an interesting shape — WHY, its supposed to be in the shape of the state of GA, because the original ‘Bubba’ is from Elberton, GA.

    • CAB says:

      Thanks for the comment Chaser. Here’s a direct quote from Bubba Burgers’ FAQ webpage:

      “‘Bubba’ himself wanted to produce a burger that he and the consumer could differentiate from the normal round burger. Even though we have heard that it looks like the state of Georgia or the state of Texas, the shape itself is still a mystery.”

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