The "WOW" Factor

July 27, 2009 § 4 Comments

With all the research I’ve been doing, kitchen sinks have been pretty low on my list, even below the faucets.  I’ve been thinking mainly about appliances (fretting is more appropriate on most days).  I knew I wanted 2 sinks but haven’t given too much thought up to this point. 

Now that I have a fairly good handle on the appliances, I finally decided to look at sinks a little more. The materials cost projection was growing by the minute and I was hoping to look at sinks as a “cost saving” line item. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening! Quality sinks are not cheap. And then it happened. During one of my many sessions of scouring the Internet, I saw them. The sink. The faucet. If I had seen a snapshot of my face while watching the video, I would have looked liked some doe-eyed mesmerized goober kid peering in the window of the biggest candy store she’s ever seen. Did I leave a nose print on my monitor? Maybe. I just remember there they were, what was once on the bottom of my list has now turned my remodeling world upside down, forcing me to rethink everything, scrapping all idealistic and realistic thoughts I had to that point.

I was drooling over Kohler’s new Stages sink and Karbon faucet. Oddly enough, I’ve seen them once before. A quick glance as we were on our way out of Ferguson’s showroom in Vista. An unusual sink and a rather odd looking faucet caught my attention but I only gave them a quick glance, warding off any loud sighing from the Mister. The Mister was getting antzy and patience was wearing thin to the growling stomach. I don’t even think I looked at the price tag, thankfully. But they never registered until I saw the video. What video you ask?  This video.

I was so excited that I immediately sent the link to the Mister and showed my coworker, Cat, my discovery. I knew if anyone would be as excited as me, it would be her, having gone through her own major kitchen remodel. I was not wrong! We oo’ed and ah’ed over this sink. And I knew if I wanted the sink, I had to have the faucets. Yes, plural. I want the biggest version of the sink.  That’s 45″ of shiny, ball-busting stainless steel just begging for 2 of the Karbon faucets that vaguely reminds me of old video game joysticks. Maybe that’s what was so appealing. I don’t know and I don’t care. I just know I want them. I had wanted a little of a “wow” factor in my new kitchen and I think these are it.


§ 4 Responses to The "WOW" Factor

  • Dennis says:

    WOW is right! I’m afraid to ask the price but very very nice..

    • CAB says:

      Hey Dennis! Thanks, I’m just in awe of these. Can’t stop thinking about them.

      Should I tell you the prices? In all fairness, the sink was just released in June ’09 so prices are at its premium right now. Retail for the 45″ is (hang on to your socks) $1155+. The 33″ retails $1050+. I’ve seen prices as low as $700 online for the 45″, which is actually around the same price as the large SS sinks from Franke and Blanco that I was thinking about. All are 16 gauge, top of the line and built for durability. So in actuality, the price is not much more than what I was estimating.

      What’s the kicker are those cool looking Karbon faucets. They are as expensive as the sink, starting retail at $1014. The chrome version is the cheapest, online discount around $660 for one. The stainless steel version (yet to be released) which I like will cost a pretty $900 each! That would be $1800 (gasp!!!) for 2 faucets. And it goes up from there for other colors. Crazy…

  • sawyer says:

    that is a really nice sink. i’d like to get one of these some day…i find doing dishes in a shallow and small sink annoying.

    • CAB says:

      Hey Sawyer! Yeah, I have the same annoyance. My current sink is those stock 2-basin types that’s maybe about 8-9″ deep and not very wide. I can’t even get my regular cutting board in there. Wash one end, flip it, then was the other end, then use the sprayer to try to rinse it off, getting water everywhere on the counter. Yup, real fun.

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