Bite of Boston

August 3, 2009 § 4 Comments

The Mister noticed a new sub place in the Bernardo Heights area one morning while out getting some bagels and schmears. I think the only reason why he took interest was because the place claimed to be Boston subs.   Bite of Boston is fairly new although we’re not exactly sure when it opened. Having gone to college in MA, he was pretty excited about trying it.  He checked out the menu posted in the window to see what kind of subs they served and to see if they served hot pastrami, my favorite! They do.

So a few weeks later, we paid a visit for lunch. Bite of Boston’s niche, if you will, is their rolls and breads, which are produced and baked to exact specifications by Piantedosi Bakery in Malden, Massachusetts and delivered to San Diego. Piantedosi is a well known 3rd generation, family owned bakery that tailors to the restaurant industry. When I read this, I was excited yet hesitant. Having a well known bakery make your bread is great, but to have it shipped (or flown in this case) in from MA, how will that affect freshness? I would soon find out.

 The place is not a large place, standard size compared to other sub/sandwich joints.  I didn’t have my camera with me so no pictures of the inside. My cell phone camera wouldn’t have worked due to the low lights, not that it works great in bright light. I think they had the lights turned down to help with the heat. It was just a few degrees shy of 90 already in RB and it was only 11 am!  It was a bit stuffy in the place despite the fan running on high. Anywho…the heat wasn’t a problem for us since we were getting this to go.

I already knew what I wanted but the Mister had to take a minute or so to look over the menu.  When I gave my order, the woman behind the counter made a squishy face and said that she was out of pastrami. What?? She apologized and said I was the 6th person that day who asked for pastrami. Well, poop. I had the Mister order his sandwich so I can look over the menu to find a substitute. The Mister ordered the North Ender ($7.35). It comes on Italian bread, proscuitto, Sopressato salami, capicola, provolone, roasted peppers, tomato, oil and seasoning.

The North Ender was an okay sized sandwich, a bit whimpy for the price IMO but I guess the cost of shipping in specialty bread has to be added somewhere. The meat to bread ratio was decent. The Mister said it was just okay. The bread wasn’t all that fresh and he felt it lacked something.

After struggling for a minute with indecision, I settled on a small Boston Big-Timer ($6.85). I picked a sandwich that came on a roll since the Mister was getting one on Italian bread. That way we could compare the two. The Big-Timer comes with turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese (which I think was provolone), with choice of diced onions, diced pickles, diced tomato, lettuce, hot peppers, oil and seasoning. I decided to get it with everything sans the mustard. If it was a salami sandwich, I would have asked for mustard but I like just mayo with turkey, ham or roast beef. The nice young man who was making my sandwich asked if I wanted the pepperoncini or another hotter red peppers, which he said was pretty hot.  I stuck with pepperoncini since I love those on sandwiches and pizza.

Since the roll is thicker than the bread, the meat to bread ratio was a bit low for my taste since I like a decent amount of meat.  But the ratio is still better than one typical thinly meat veiled sandwiches made by a chain store (the $5 foot long guys). I liked all the items in the sandwich, especially the diced pickles and pepperoncini and think having the spicier peppers would have been a nice addition. Tomatoes were fresh as the chopped lettuce. What was disappointing about the sandwich was the roll. The roll was not fresh, kind of like a day old roll and dry. The flavor was nothing to write home about, but maybe it would have been if it was fresher. Overall, a mediocre sub.

For the price, I’d rather drive a bit further and go to my all-time favorite sandwich shop, Togo’s. It’s hard for me not to compare sandwich/sub shops to Togo’s since it has a permanent spot in my heart from when I lived up in the Bay Area.  I went to Togo’s when they were still the local humble sandwich shop (sheesh, I’m dating myself). But it’s not sentiments that keeps me comparing subs to Togo’s. It’s the amount of meat and freshness of their breads that I compare to. I introduced the Mister to Togo’s and he even uses Togo’s now as the bar. Well, this isn’t about Togo’s, it’s about Bite of Boston.

Aside from the sandwiches, B of B offers cold cuts and cheeses, which is great. Sure you can get sliced meat at the supermarket deli but B of B has whole prosciutto! This means I can get sliced-to-order in the amount I need.  Before, I would have to drive to Frankie’s Deli or get the prepackaged stuff at Costco (good but way too much) and supermarkets (doesn’t taste quite right to me). Although both sandwiches were so-so (the Mister actually said “uninspiring”), I’m not ready to give up on B of B yet.  I still want to go back on a day they have pastrami and give that a try as well as they’re Wicked Awesome Chowda. I really want to like them and I have a soft spot for small family owned businesses.

Bite of Boston
15721 Bernardo Heights Parkway
San Diego, California 92128
(858) 451-2900


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