Island Style Cafe

August 11, 2009 § 11 Comments

Last weekend on the way to a meeting with a general contractor, we decided to swing by Island Style Cafe for a late breakfast/early lunch.  Island Style Cafe has been on my list of “to trys” since Kirk (mmm-yoso) wrote about them (here) almost a year ago. But it’s just one of those things where we I just haven’t gotten around to trying.

The day before the meeting, a coworker of the Mister’s, who grew up in HI, recommended Island Style Cafe as her pick for the best plate lunch in SD. So of course the Mister asked me about it and I didn’t have much to say except, “yup, it’s on my list for us to check out.” I tried making some excuse about how Tierrasanta is outside of my radar range, blah blah blah. He had none of it and decided that we were going.

We got there about 10:45 am and there was still a decent breakfast crowd, although one group was a bunch of youngsters enjoying their shaved ice. I was so excited when I saw the Li Hing Mui Sprinkles and told the Mister we have to come back at least just for the shaved ice!

We sat down and a very nice young lady came by with the menu and asked for our drink order. I settled on the Kaloko Moco and the Mister chose the Honoka’a. While we waited for our meal to arrive, other folks started to roll in since it was inching towards lunch. A couple of ex-pat kama’aina sat down at a table near us and I couldn’t help to over hear their conversation with whom I believe was Teri, the owner. Something about the Big Island and stuff, I really was trying hard not to listen since I didn’t want to eavesdrop and all.

Shortly after, my Kaloko Moco came. Our waitress was a bit hesitant in putting the plate down and then I realized why.  She apologized that one of the yolks broke and it seemed like she was ready to bring it back to the kitchen.  I said no problem since it’s going to be broken anyway, which seemed to have given her some relief.  Wow was this thing of beauty! Even the older couple sitting behind me were talking about it.  The wife of the couple also made a comment when I took a picture of it. Wonder if she thought I was some tourist, haha! Well, she did call my dish “beautiful!”

I have to totally agree with Kirk’s take on this dish. I tried just the crepe by itself and it was ono! Mental note, come back and get the crepes for breakfast. The balance between the saltiness of the gravy and the slight sweetness of the crepes made this dish wonderful. I got it with fried rice (what else?) and the eggs were cooked perfect, even with the slight breakage. The patty was on the dry side and way overcooked for me. But overall, I really enjoyed this dish and prepared me well for the 2-hour meeting ahead.

I was a bit surprised when the Mister ordered the Honoka’a but when his dish arrived, I realized why. It was topped with mushrooms and onions, which we both love.  The Mister also got the fried rice and a side of sourdough toast to go along with it. He said the pork chops were good but a little disappointed in the fried rice.  He said my fried rice has spoiled him. I think the fried rice, by itself, was missing something in terms of taste (maybe needed more salt and some shot of hot sauce) but I thought it was pretty good, at least on my plate. Well, he had no problem finishing everything else off!

You know the funny thing is that while we were sitting there waiting for our food, Hawaiian music was playing overhead, ex-pats talking in the background, I actually felt like I was back on the islands. One can usually tell when I start humming Molokai Slide (“Take me baaaaaack, back to da kine, take me baaaaaaack, back to da kine, all ova’, mo’ betta, Moloka’i, I will return….”) It felt good yet a little sad since it’s coming up to 2 years since we’ve been. It’ll be a while before we’ll make it back to visit but in the meantime, we’ll use Island Style Cafe to ease the lorn hearts and stomachs. 🙂 

And round out this “island-style” post, here’s a picture of my beautiful Tillie Hughes plumeria tree that’s been blooming for me in all her glory for the past month.

Island Style Cafe
5950 Santo Road
San Diego, CA 92124
Tues-Thurs 10 am – 8 pm
Fri-Sat 7:30 am – 8 pm
Sun 7:30 am – 3 pm
Mon Closed


§ 11 Responses to Island Style Cafe

  • kirbie says:

    Ooh, the Kaloko Moco looks so yummy! And they have shaved ice!

  • Kirk says:

    Hey CAB – You know, I haven’t been back here in a while. The food looks like it’s even getting better!

  • CAB says:

    Hey Kirbie! Yeah-shaved ice! And they serve it in that flower shaped cup, too! The kids eating them looked really happy. That Kaloko Moco was really tasty and now I’m craving it again.

    Hi Kirk! There was definitely a steady stream of people coming in and it seems business is going pretty well. A good thing. I might have to drive over this week and get the Chicken Katsu and Korean Chicken combo. It’s been fo’eva since I’ve had Korean Chicken.

  • HOLY!!! that loco moco looks aaaaaamazing!

  • Dennis says:

    Hi CAB, Kirk was the one who inspired me to try the Kaloko Moco too! I loved it.. but boy that’s some breakfast. I agree with the doneness of the patty but it seemed common at least with the few loco mocos I’ve tried so far. Still I’ll probably ask for mine medium next time if I were given the option. Darn, I’m getting hungry.. 🙂

    • CAB says:

      Hi ya’ Dennis! It was so much food that I took home about half of it. It heated up nicely but I threw out the leftover patty. Good idea about asking for it to be cooked medium. I’ll try to remember that next time. Luckily I just ate so I’m not tempted by moco madness!

  • sawyer says:

    holy sh!t. that thing looks HUGE. my god, breakfast?? i woulda crawled back into bed after that meal.
    sadly, i’ve still never had a loco moco yet…will have to look for a good place around here, or add this place to my wish list in sd next time i come down.

    • CAB says:

      lol, I know! The size of fried rice equals at least 2 scoops of rice. That’s a double over easy on top to give it reference. Well, it was actually a “brunch” since I didn’t have breakfast or lunch other than that monster. The Mister and I joked about not going to our meeting and just go back home and take an early nap. I probably could have slept all the way until dinner.

      If you still haven’t had loco moco by the next time you’re down here, maybe we’ll go here for lunch since they now serve it all day!

  • i had to stop by to look at the moco again… lol 😉

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