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August 26, 2009 § 6 Comments

Sorry been really busy lately.  Just a quick one today.  A couple months ago, I attempted to make my first chicken katsu. Let’s just say I have to work on it a bit. Luckily, we had some leftover from Sab-e-Lee that evening to make up the difference.

The chicken was tender, not oily, and the temp of the oil was good and the panko crisped up nicely. But the flavor overall was lacking. I seasoned the chicken breast with salt and pepper but there was just something missing.  I’ve seen a few recipes where the chicken breast is brined or had some kind of marinade on it. Maybe I’ll try that next time, but definitely something different. Once I get a decent enough recipe, I’ll post on that. In the meantime…

Just want to give a big shoutout and mahalo to Pomai of Tasty Islands because he is totally awesome!  I so totally wanted a Jack in the Box UH antenna ball when I saw his post (I collect these, doesn’t everyone?) and Pomai was so thoughtful to send a couple of them to me. Mahalo, Pomai!

No, this is not going on the car. Would break my heart if someone stole it or I lost it. So this baby will get to rest on top of my computer, keep watch over me!

Hope everyone is having a good week. One more day to Friday!!


§ 6 Responses to Quick Notes

  • Kirk says:

    Hey CAB – I’m guessing the combination of work and the remodel has you tied up around now! BTW, for my katsu, I make sure to season the flour, and also add a dash of shoyu and togarashi to the egg wash. Brining works pretty well, but be advised that it will change the texture. The Missus likes the texture of brined chicken breasts when I make katsu, so I do it when I make katsu for her.

    • CAB says:

      Hey Kirk! Been pretty busy and not all of that is related to the remodel. Good news is that we’re getting really close to the final design of the kitchen. Once that’s done, I’ll know exactly which fridge I can get (space issue and all). Next milestone will be placing the appliance and cabinet orders. And forking over the big money, yikes!

      I think I put a little salt in the flour but obviously not enough or I just plain forgot and thought I did. I like your idea of seasoning the egg wash. I think I’ll try that next time. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  • Dennis says:

    Hi CAB! That’s it, I’m going to Sab-e-lee my next open lunch hour..
    Anyway, I haven’t made chicken katsu in ages but I’ve always used thigh meat with skin on (with excess fat trimmed off) and liberally use S&P before the light flouring. I’m a big japanese sauce fan so I prefer the katsu seasoned fairly simple I guess. Cheers.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Dennis! We just got some take out on Tuesday and I ordered medium (5) heat. It was spicier than usual and even the Mister agreed. Since you’re like me on the spices, I recommend going with a #3 on the spiciness level to start. That should give you a touch of spice without killing your taste buds. We tried the catfish larb for the first time and really enjoyed it!

      Thanks for the tips on the chicken katsu. I thought about using thigh meat since I like dark meat but went with the chicken breast this time since it’s what I had on hand. Either way, I know I didn’t S&P enough. I love a good katsu sauce but don’t know any brands and have a hard time choosing. So this time, I made some from scratch and it was okay. I think what I’m going to do next time is to salt the meat more, like you do. Then season the egg wash like Kirk does. That should make a good katsu I think!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Jack looks good with a helmet!

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