Same-O Same-O

September 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Wowee wowee, the heat this past week or so has just sucked the life out of me. Hasn’t stopped me from eating but it sure has limited what I’ve been craving for. Sometimes when it gets hot like this, I resort to old favorites, things that don’t require me to do much stove top cooking. Heck, I don’t even like grilling because I have to stand out in the heat. (whine whine, how about some cheese?) Not too much to report on the food end, although I do have a couple things on my camera that I need to post on. Soon come (as the Mister would joke).

On the remodeling side, the appliance list is at its penultimate state. I say this only because I know sometimes things may need to be modified as items start going in. Also, I’ve been going back and forth on whether to post the appliance list or not, it could be uncouth. But hell, why not I said to myself this morning. I’ve never been known to conform to formalities just for the sake of appearances.  So here’s the (almost complete) list of appliances. Some of the choices were based on limitations of space and configuration, and just plain aesthetics. It’s all got to look good, doesn’t it?

  • Wolf 48″ open burner natural gas rangetop, 6-burners + griddle
  • Wolf 48″ wall hood, 1200 cfm internal blower
  • Wolf 30″ single wall oven
  • Wolf microwave
  • Miele 30″ built-in all freezer
  • Miele 36″ built-in all refrigerator
  • Miele Inspira dishwasher
  • GE 15″ trash compactor
  • Grohe Ladylux Cafe faucet
  • Grohe Ladylux Pro prep faucet
  • Blanco Silgranit sinks (super single and 15″ prep)

Well, that’s the heart of the kitchen, next to the cabinets and countertop, that is. All the appliances will be stainless steel. I probably would have gone with Sub-Zero refrigeration if I could have gotten a 66″ combination in the new built-in models. The SZ integrated models were an option but I just didn’t like the refrigerator drawers in those top-bottom models. We liked the Miele models and I could get the combination I wanted (sort of) so I’m happy with the choice overall. The “dream” configuration would have been a 72″ configuration (yes, 72″!) but I just didn’t have enough wall space. Short by 4 inches, poo. The Mister thinks 66″ will work out fine. I agree that it’ll be fine in the end but sometimes, bigger is better (admit it girls, you know it’s true!).

We stopped by the tile place and the granite yard over the weekend. It was a good trip since I finally have a plan on how to finish off the backsplash so it’ll integrate with the granite. Yippee!! We should be ready to order the cabinets and appliances in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed). Then it’s just a matter of waiting until the demo starts. Oh yeah, and packing up the kitchen. That will be fun, not!

Hope y’all are staying cool. I hear it’s going to get hot(ter) again later in the week.


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