Kitchen Remodel – Week 2

November 8, 2009 § 10 Comments

It’s time like this that I’m really glad for an extra bathroom. Some of you might know that earlier in the year, we had a bit of water damage in a spare bathroom. Although the bathroom is completely functional, we have still yet to put the last 2 finishing touches on it. But those finishings aren’t needed for our make-shift kitchenette!


The table tray to the left holds the coffee maker and supplies. Plates and utensils are in the drawers (see, procrastination does pay off sometimes!). Food items and other kitchen essentials are under the sinks. Dishes will be done either in the sink or the bathtub. It’s a little tight in there but at least I won’t have to make meals in the garage. The refrigerator is staying inside and will get moved as needed, much easier than going back and forth into the garage.

Merlin checking out the progress

A lot has progressed on the project this week. Lots of noise and lots of dust, as expected. All the old tiles are out. Layout of the new island complete.  Buh-bye bang-your-head upper cabinets as well as the peninsula! Buh-bye crappy faucet and sink! Buh-bye 20-year old stove/oven/microwave! Best of all, the space is already feeling much bigger! I can actually visualize the final product.

Meals for the week:

  • Sushi at Poway Sushi Lounge 
  • Frozen meals (Marie Callender’s, lots of Lean Cuisine!)
  • Carl’s Jr.
  •  Ipo BBQ (2nd visit post to come)
  • Love Boat Sushi (post to come)
  • Sab-E-Lee 2 (post to come)

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