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November 13, 2009 § 4 Comments

I’ve been anticipating the opening of Sab-E-Lee 2 and eager to see what sort of wonderful dishes they will be offering. And we can always count on Kirk (mmm-yoso) to provide a first look. We headed over this past weekend for dinner, armed with recommended dishes, appetites ready! I knew that I wanted to order dishes that weren’t offered at the other location.

As we walked in, Kobe smiled and waved at us and pointed us to a seat by the window. The inside is certainly a lot more roomier than Sab-E-Lee. The Mister remarked “I didn’t realize this was fine dining,” hehe. He had thought it would just be like the other location. Just another example of him not listening to me when I chatter on sometimes.

We looked through the menu checking out all the new stuff. But we knew, for the most part, what dishes we wanted to order. We started off with the Kra Throng Tong.

Kra Throng Tong

Kra Throng Tong

These little bite-sized pastry cups were fantastic! Like Kirk mentioned, a wonderful balance  of shrimp, chicken, spices with cucumber relish on the side. The Mister said he could have eaten the whole plate himself but showed a lot of restraint by evenly divvying up between the two of us.

We also selected the Papaya Salad. When Kobe brought the dish to our table, he mentioned he selected the Laos version for us instead of Thai styled.

Papaya Salad - Laos style

We’re not familiar with the various styles of Papaya Salad but trusted Kobe enough to select something that he felt we would like. It certainly looked a bit different from other papaya salads. It actually reminded me a bit of a shredded potato dish that I make. We ordered medium heat on this and it had a good kick to it. By my second serving, my mouth was burning a bit. The flavor on this salad was really refreshing.

The third dish was a green beans dish the Mister picked out. Sorry I can’t remember the exact name.

Green Beans

We love green beans and always order them when available. This was an excellent version. The sauce was savory, maybe a bit of fish sauce? The green beans were tender but still had just a bit of bite to it, which we like. The sautéed onions added a nice overall flavor to the dish.

And the showcase dish of the evening, Pine Cone Halibut.

Pine Cone Halibut

Pine Cone Halibut

This dish is offered with either Halibut or Catfish. We debated as to which fish to have and Kobe stated that most folks prefer halibut. I have not eaten halibut for many years now because of some stupid story I heard (which I will refrain from sharing for fear of ruining your love of halibut). The Mister was leery of ordering the halibut since he knows of my “issue” (I never shared the story with him because he wants to continue enjoying halibut). But I decided to get the halibut because I know how much the Mister enjoys it. Needless to say, the dish did not disappoint.

The fish was skillfully fried to perfection, tender, flaky, not a bit oily. The sauce was a nice complement to the fish and vegetables and I think a bit less salty than the version Kirk had with his meal. We really enjoyed the dipping sauce that came with it, too. So I think I’m finally over my aversion to halibut, well, at least in this dish, ha!

We really enjoyed our meal and I stated to the Mister again that I am glad Sab-E-Lee 2 was a different set-up as the first location. Certainly makes dining in with a larger crowd much easier.

Sab-E-Lee 2
9159 Mission Gorge Road
Santee, CA 92071
Opening Nov. 2, 2009

2405 Ulric Street
San Diego, CA 92111
Tuesday – Sunday 10:30 am – 9:30 pm
Closed Mondays

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

§ 4 Responses to Sab-E-Lee 2

  • Kirk says:

    Hi CAB – I agree….I like the change of pace between the two restaurants….they are bascially two different places, both making some pretty good food.

  • mike says:

    Looks like a very nice meal!

    I’m very ashamed to say that I still haven’t even been to the first Sab-E-Lee yet, despite so many great recommendations. Hopefully sometime soon.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Mike! It was some serious good eats! There are others I know who haven’t tried Sab-E-Lee yet. It took us a while to make it over to the first location, too. 😀

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