Kitchen Remodel – Week 4

November 21, 2009 § 6 Comments

Instant gratification, who doesn’t like that right? This week’s progress has certainly been that. As a matter of fact, moving forward through the last half of the project, I know most of the milestones will have instant gratification.

At the beginning of this week (Week 4), it was all about preparing the drywall: taping, mudding, texturing. The changes were subtle those days but significant for the next milestone, painting. Last weekend, the Mister and I finalized the last few remaining “big” items, wall paint being one of them. So here’s what it looks like after Week 4.

Astron (Frazee)

This is the corner of the kitchen and pantry entrance. The wall color is Astron from Frazee. My kitchen designer, Shelly, and I chose this color to compliment the cherry cabinets and the granite, Madura Gold. But since we were also painting the family room the same color, Shelly thought creating an accent wall will not only break up what would have been a sea of “Astron” but also give the entire living space a more finished look. She was absolutely correct.

Aston and Vine Bloom (Frazee)

The result is very stunning, even in the current state of the room. The picture just doesn’t do it justice to the overall feel of the contrast. Without the darker Vine Bloom, we would have been swimming in a sea of gold-yellow. I’ll post a better picture once everything is a bit more tidy. But as you can see between the two pictures, Astron takes on different shades with light changes and luckily for us, all the various shades work well in the rooms. I should also mention the ceiling is Swiss Coffee (also Frazee). The Mister thought Swiss Coffee was going to be some kind of color from the tan/beige family. Uh, no. It’s white. White as white is.

I won’t be posting a remodel update next week since Week 5 will be a quiet week, being Thanksgiving week and all. Week 6 will be a very exciting week because cabinets are scheduled to be installed!

Meals for the week:

  • Ipo BBQ (yes, again) 
  • Frozen meals
  • Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs with leftover Laos Style Papaya Salad (from Sab-E-Lee 2)

A quick explanation on that last food item. I believe I have forever spoiled myself on hot dog condiments. I cooked up some Nathan’s (love their dogs!) on the hot plate for dinner one night. Typical condiments for me are ketchup and sweet relish. Mustard only for the Mister. We like other things too but these aren’t usual items we have around. On this evening, we had leftover Papaya Salad from our visit to Sab-E-Lee 2 and I thought it would be really good on the hot dogs. I had no idea the heat from the papaya salad and the sweetness from the relish and ketchup would result in a wonderful blend of tastes. I loved the combination so much, we had it again a couple of nights later. The Mister wasn’t impressed at first but then he said it was like a Thai kraut dog and was very addictive. I told him that he’ll have to make a run to Sab-E-Lee from now on if we’re having hot dogs, hehe. I kid you not, I loved it that much. Hmm, wonder what Kobe would think of that?

So has everyone already started to plan for Thanksgiving week?  I don’t have to cuz, uh, I have no kitchen! Have a fantastic weekend!


§ 6 Responses to Kitchen Remodel – Week 4

  • Dennis says:

    Very inspiring as always CAB! I purchased a bottle of Nathan’s Famous mustard once but I admit liking how it looked on the shelf (and in my fridge) he he..

    • CAB says:

      Hey Dennis! I can’t wait until the kitchen is done.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle of Nathan’s mustard. I’m sure a Nathan’s dog taste better with Nathan’s mustard, right? 😉

  • Cathy says:

    You can go to one of those places they advertise as having Thanksgiving dinner, like Marie Callendar’s or Mimi’s or the Hotel Del…

    In any case, you’ll be together and that will make it nice.

    Only a year from now, you will be planning and baking and getting ready to make the big meal at home!

    • CAB says:

      Hi Cathy! We’re going over to my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year. It’s nice to get a year’s break since I’ve been doing Thanksgiving for the past I-can’t-remember-how-many-years. And you’re right, I will be ready for it next year!

  • sawyer says:

    looks like the work is coming along nicely!

    maybe kobe should open up a food truck, serving those hot dogs =p

    i’m ashamed to say that i’ve only had papaya salad once and it was a few years back…forgot hwo it tastes…will have to try it again sometime!

    • CAB says:

      Hey Sawyer! We’ve been really pleased with everything so far (knock wood).

      hehe, I was thinking I should open up a food truck and just sell those hot dogs! We’ve never had Laos style papaya salad before and never really order papaya salad. But I will now!

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