Love Boat Sushi

November 30, 2009 § 8 Comments

A friend of mine, JT, recommended Love Boat Sushi a while back (quite a while back as a matter of fact). Him and his wife (then fiance–btw, congrats you two!) had gone there several times and enjoyed every meal. It wasn’t until recently that I finally made it over there for dinner. My SIL and I took the opportunity to grab some dinner while the Mister was away on business. Since Love Boat Sushi was close to SIL and she had a hankering for sushi, I suggested we try it.

We got there around 6’ish and the place was pretty hopping already. Not just lots of tables filled already but there was music playing blasting. I felt like I was thrown back to some 90’s pick-up dance bar. And goody for us, we got seated at a table right next to the DJ!

A very nice waiter stopped by to take our drink order. SIL started with some warm sake and I had diet coke (I was DD, as usual). Then we looked over the menu while sipping our drinks and bopped to an old Madonna song (Holiday perhaps??). I took a picture of the menu but it didn’t turn out well due to the lights’ weird yellow-ish tinge. We placed our order and soon after, another nice young man stopped by our table to drop off an appetizer compliments of the house. Sweet! Sorry the picture look like crap but the grilled salmon with a lite soyu/ginger sauce (I think) was a nice way to start the meal (and it was free, which makes it taste even better).

As we were munching on the salmon, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam started to play. “Oooo baby, I love you from head to toe…” Ooooooh! The light bulb finally came on. The songs were about “love” and this was the “Love” Boat Sushi. Duh…(you know what’s coming, don’t you???)

Our appetizer came out first, Tako Salad.

This was so-so. The tako was a bit too chewy although it had nice flavor. But there were slices of raw ginger that overpowered the flavor of the salad.

Next came the medium Sashimi Combo (25 pieces $38.95). The best was the salmon. Everything else ranged from decent to mediocre.

Our final order was the Lobster Tail (I think that’s what it’s called).

Close-up shot

The presentation was certainly entertaining and showy. Chunks of lobster topped each piece. Lobster was tender and had good flavor. However, there was so much going on that it seemed to have missed the mark for us. Each piece was deep fried, which I thought was interesting but the cheese and the rest of the flavors just didn’t meld together. I never order any rolls that have any kind of cheese on it but the SIL really wanted to have this (being lobster and all) and she loves rolls with cream cheese. Well, she said this one was just okay. It certainly was filling because we couldn’t finish it all.

After we were stuffed to the rim, our waiter stopped by to offer us another complimentary dish, which I can’t remember. If we weren’t so stuffed by that point, we would have accepted.

Oh yeah, somewhere in the middle of dinner, guess what song the DJ put on? Come on, it’s an easy guess, well, if you’re old enough to remember. The theme song from Love Boat! Well, duh! hehe. I have to say that I’d have been disappointed if he didn’t play it. Even the sushi chefs were dancing and singing (and drinking)!

Overall, the meal was okay and we even enjoyed the music with the exception of the volume, could have been turned down a notch (or 2 or 3). Our ears were ringing when we were walking to the car. No joking. I think SIL agreed that for the price and a little more driving time on her part, Poway Sushi Lounge is a better deal.

Love Boat Sushi
11611 Rancho Bernardo Rd #101
San Diego, CA 92127
Phone: 858-451-7799


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