Kitchen Remodel – Week 7

December 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Other than tiling the floor, not too much else going on for Week 7. Sorry just one picture but I didn’t think anyone would be that interested in seeing a progression of tiles being laid out.

Most of the tiling are down with the exception of the laundry room and the hallway leading up to it. The kitchen and *most* of the family room have been grouted. Whatever still remains *should* be completed on Monday.

Without going into too much detail, Week 7 has been the most frustrating week of this project. Nothing major, just some things here and there that aggravated me. Not my GC and his crew (they’ve been great), just a couple of other things as well as some non-reno related items that I had to deal with. And to throw another wrench (and expense) to it all, the garage door opener decided to crap out. Luckily we have a great garage door guy we’ve used for years and he was there pronto to make everything right again. Thanks, Jerome!

The Mister said he’s really glad that the project is close to completion because he can sense the change in my tone everyday that I’m close to the end of my patience. Me?? No!! Okay, maybe but then I’m the one who’s been in the thick of things for the past 7 weeks dealing with everything, everything! Still, I’ll be really happy at the end of Week 8 and crossing my fingers that all goes well. Floors should be finished, counter tops should be in, sinks/faucets and appliances all in. As a matter of fact, if all goes well, I should have a working sink by Monday or Tuesday and we can move our kitchenette downstairs! That will definitely help ease things a bit. So Week 8 pictures should be very dramatic!

Nothing too exciting for this week’s meals. Due to abnormal stress this week, I actually ate at Ipo BBQ more than usual (4x!). But then Hawaiian BBQ short ribs are my cure-all comfort food.

  • Ipo BBQ
  • Clam chowder (so good on a cold rainy day)
  • BLT & A (oops, ran out of tomato and too lazy to go get some)
  • Golden City
  • Yeul Ramen 

I actually had ramen a couple of times this week. With the dreary weather, what can be better than a nice steaming bowl of ramen with some eggs? Okay, maybe BBQ cross ribs but even I can’t eat that everyday (maybe). I have a fondness for Korean spicy ramen like Yeul Ramen. I like the flavor packs and the fact that there’s no msg in them. Sorry no pics. No bowls, just small plastic ones that aren’t very photogenic.

Well, that wraps up Week 7 (thank goodness!). Stay warm and dry. Next week should bring clear skies, warmer temps (and full hearts, can’t lose. Sorry FNL). Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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