The Fridge Is In and a Little Griddle Action

January 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. You read that correctly. The Fridge was installed today. Finally. It took 2 guys 3.5 hours to install these massive columns. No wonder my GC, who I believe can install pretty much anything, won’t touch with a 20′ pole. That’s 30″ of freezer on the left and 36″ of refrigerator on the right. The sum width is wider than my arm span (granted I’m only 5’4″). Man, that’s a massive wall of stainless steel. BTW, that’s an 8′ ceiling.

On another kitchen appliance front, I’ve been playing around with the Wolf griddle. I’ve made a few things so far, to test and to help season it. It’s much like a wok in the way that it needs to be seasoned with oil. And surprisingly, it’s fairly easy to clean. I’m really really glad I decided to get the open burners and not the sealed burners. The griddle on the open burner allows food/grease/water/etc. to be scraped into a hole to a catch pan underneath and is very easy to clean. On a sealed burner, there’s a trough that all the scrapings get dumped into but from all the reviews I’ve read, it doesn’t sit flush to the sides and grease drips between the trough and the hole it sits in. Kind of a bad design IMO. But enough about how it cleans. How does it cook?

Pretty darn nice! I made chicken adobo last week and used the griddle to brown the chicken pieces. It was so nice to be able to brown 7 pieces of chicken at the same time. I could have gotten another piece on there but I was making a slightly larger than usual batch and had the rest of the pieces in the dutch oven. Oh yeah, it browned the chicken a bit faster than the dutch oven. 

I tried to do an over-easy eggs for breakfast one day, using only one egg to test. It stuck even with some oil on the griddle, yolk broke. So the dogs got some scrambled egg. I think it might have stuck because the egg was not to room temperature. I’ll try it again another time with the griddle on a lower heat with room temperature eggs.

Hot dogs and hamburgers cook up wonderfully on it. Felt like a short-order cook when I was cooking up some Omaha Steak burgers. Had the buns toasting on the griddle, some sliced onions browning on the side and the burgers sizzling away.

I also decided to griddle up some Costco steaks to see how it handled. Typically we like to grill our steaks. I didn’t saute the onions or the mushrooms on the griddle since I was preparing them with different sauces. The steaks turned out great. Perfectly cooked to juicy medium rare. The searing of the outside must have helped to keep the juices in, I think.

With just a few more finishing touches (waiting on a couple of minor stuff) and it will finally be done. Really done. It’s nice to finally decommission the old refrigerator that’s been hanging out in the family room. I think the dogs were missing it because they wouldn’t stop sniffing the spot on the floor where it used to be. I’m not worried, though. Give them a day at most to associate food with the new massive wall refrigerator. It’ll be their next new best friend!


§ 4 Responses to The Fridge Is In and a Little Griddle Action

  • Dennis says:

    Wow I’m so freak’n jealous! Btw, I don’t know what’s sprayed on those cheap asian tamago pans but Absolutely Nothing sticks to them! I use it all the time but the teflon all-clads come out when I have company over haha.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Dennis! I think some of those cheap pans are sprayed with xylan. I’ve seen them but was always afraid to buy them for fear of non-stick peeling off.

  • sawyer says:

    lol that fridge is ridiculous….what’s that stuff next to the steak? deviled eggs or potatoes?

    • CAB says:

      Hey Sawyer! Yeah, it’s big. You know it’s rediculous when everyone who sees it wants to take pictures of it.

      Those are deviled potatoes, if you will. I had some small red potatoes, not enough to mash or sautee so I just boiled them, scooped out the center and divided into 2. I added garlic and parmesan to one, kind of like garlic mash (the ones with sauteed onions on top) and then added sour cream, dijon mustard and celery seeds to the other half. The mushroom topped and the paprika sprinkled are the same filling. We enjoyed the mustard version w/paprika the most.

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