Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Pickled Garlics, Oh My!

June 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I should add cheese and olives to that as well. When we go to Poway’s Farmer’s Market, we often skip by the ones that offer prepared foods and just straight to the produce vendors. But not last week. We took a leisure stroll around the market (which doesn’t take too long), checked out many of the vendor booths that we typically don’t. This is a dangerous game because we’re often persuaded by vendors hawking their goods. We held our ground pretty well until the last booth.

Sometimes you just gotta give in, which could lead to new and delicious things, right? The last booth we visited was Petrou Foods, a vendor we’ve seen at the market for quite some time now but just never stopped in. What caught my eye this time were samples of olives and garlic. The Mister loves olives (me not so much) and we both love garlic. I overheard a woman saying how good the garlic was. So I made a bee line for them.

Wow, these pickled garlics are fantastic! I could eat these all day. It’s pickled in a sugar vinegar base with some red pepper flakes to give it a nice little kick. The gal behind the booth, whose name I forgot, told me that she keeps a jar on her counter and is always eating out of it. Yup, I know what she means. Guess it’s a good thing I bought the large jar (2 lbs I think).

There were several dishes of extra virgin olive oil for tasting and we tried several of them. The unfiltered EVOO was my second favorite. Didn’t care too much for the blood orange, was a little bitter for my taste. Some of the other ones were okay but the organic EVOO was our favorite. What else would pair wonderfully than an equally delicious balsamic vinegar! These were quite expensive but they are incredibly good.


The last item that we purchased was some Greek Manouri cheese. I forgot to take a picture of the packaging before throwing it away but you can see it here. I originally thought this was feta cheese, sort of like it, not as salty and creamier. The Manouri Cheese is something I’ve never tasted before. The package included 2 individual pieces cut from a larger roll. We had some with sliced boiled beets and was okay but I enjoy regular goat cheese more since the Manouri lacked the saltiness that goes well with beets. It is wonderful in salads!  I did a quick research on it and apparently it can be used in baked goods and other stuff. Uh, I think I’ll save this to eat as is. Too expensive of a cheese to be baking with IMO.

The gal manning the booth was very helpful and generous with the food sampling. She also included a free bar of EVOO soap that had a very nice scent. Hey, who am I to turn down free merchandise? Well, we did spend a lot of money with her that day!

The Mister said he hates it when things like this happen. Huh???  What he meant was that we get spoiled on things of this quality, which makes the normal stuff that we eat and enjoy not so enjoyable anymore. I don’t find a problem with that because I’m a firm believer that one should always buy the best that one can afford in most cases, food especially. If you’re not going to enjoy it now, when will you enjoy it? Right?


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