Welcome to CAB Cooks new site!

October 20, 2010 § 12 Comments

I’m so glad you found me because it gets lonely pretty quickly without you. If you have links to the old site, please take a moment to update them to the new URL http://www.cabcooks.com.

Click here to update the RSS feed.

As always, feedbacks about posts and the new site are welcome. Or if you have other thoughts you would like to share, let’s hear them!


§ 12 Responses to Welcome to CAB Cooks new site!

  • kirbie says:

    Horray new site!

  • Mike says:

    The new site looks great! Nice, clean design.

  • Sandy says:

    I like the design of your page header – nice font!

    I’ve noticed that I can’t see the photos when I use Internet Explorer at work, but I see the photos when I use Safari on the Mac at home. Not sure why, so I just drool over the photos at home.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Sandy and thanks for the kind words! I use IE both at home and work so I’m guessing it might be something with how your IT dept. has things set up. I had a similar issue at another companyy I used to work at. It could also be the a setting in the IE.

  • Faye says:

    I also love the new site! Wonderful, soothing colors if I might say. Can’t wait to peruse the tabs!

    Is it easy to start a blog? I’ve always been interested but I cannot imagine the work you guys have to do (Kirk, Kirbie, Dennis, etc). Were you tech savvy when you first started?

    Can’t wait to see more recipes and such on the your upgraded blog. Very well done!

    • CAB says:

      Hi Faye and thank you so much! I’m glad you like the new site.

      I think it’ rather simple to start a blog. It only took me a couple of days to set up my first site. Posting can sometimes take a while depending on what you’re posting but it doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to be techy to manage a blog. Feel free to send me an email with any questions that you have. Be happy to help.

  • sawyer says:

    hey, looks good! i thought it was always cabcooks? it looks a lot more organized and easier to navigate! lookin forward to readin ur next post

    • CAB says:

      Thanks Sawyer! How’s school going? The site has always been CAB Cooks but the old site used to be hosted by wordpress.com. Now I have my own domain name and no longer restricted by wordpress.com’s content rules. Glad you find it easier to navigate since that’s what I was hoping to accomplish.

  • Kirk says:

    I like the new look! Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment; I was out of town and just got back.

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