Mi Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant – Again

October 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

A few weekends ago, the Mister and I had to stop by North County Mall for a little shopping. Afterwards, we decided to drive a little further north to have lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Mi Guadalajara. I’ve posted about their breakfast and lunch before. When we got there, we got seated right away and I was relieved we missed the main lunch crowd. Service can be a bit slow when they get packed so keep that in mind when you go.

Got the usual chips and salsa (yippee) right after we sat down. A few minutes later, our waiter stopped by to take our order. We went simple, each getting a 2 item combo ($9.25). The food came out fairly quickly after that. Good thing cuz we were hungry!  The Mister chose his usual, a cheese enchilada and beef taco. It came with beans and rice. He enjoyed both and as always, love their refried beans. I love their refried beans too which is not the case in most places. I find the refried beans are just okay, reminds me of what I get out of a can. But Mi Guadalajara’s is tastes different, creamy and rich in flavor. I should ask next time but I’m thinking maybe they use lard? I certainly don’t mind a little lard every now and then. He rarely eats his rice so I always get his portion if I’m still hungry. I love it mixed with the enchilada sauce.

I was in the mood for tamal (beef) and decided to also try their beef taquitos. I liked the fresh guacamole, which was on the slightly chunky side and plenty enough to cover both taquitos. The taquitos were fried nicely and not oily. Decent amount of meat. The tamal was very good, masa was soft and filling was flavorful. The only downside – I wished there was more of the beef filling. The picture looks like there’s quite a bit but the back half was mostly masa with a hint of beef. But still a very delicious lunch.

On a side note, Mi Guadalajara redecorated the interior of the center dining room a while back. They are known for their interesting architecture design but now they’ve added some very interesting 3-D like art on the upper walls. I decided not to take any pictures because, well, there’s nudity. I guess I could have taken a couple of pictures of the rated G version sections but it’s something you really need to experience in person to get the full effect.

Mi Guadalajara
575 W 2nd Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025
Tel: (760) 746-4371

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday 8:00am to 11:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Mi Guadalajara Mexican on Urbanspoon


§ 2 Responses to Mi Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant – Again

  • Dennis says:

    Whoa, love the new site CAB!!
    The sight of the enchilada sauce is making my mouth water… I just had a two crispy beef taco combo today for lunch. Maybe I’ll post about it, haha. 😉

    • CAB says:

      Hi Dennis and thanks for the kind words! Funny I was just looking up nacho cheese chalupa and thought, “I sure could go for a taco”.

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