Midweek Ramblings

November 18, 2010 § 4 Comments

Just a quicky today on a couple of meals this past week. I’m not one who usually plans a week’s meals in advance so I often rely on made-ahead items to help during the work week. And I’ll admit, sometimes I am just too lazy tired to give dinner more than 10 minutes of brain time. One thing that I almost always try to have on hand is bolognese sauce. I make large batches at a time and then freezing the majority of it, usually providing a good 5-6 meals out of each batch. I bought some dried pappardellerecently from Trader Joe’s to go with the meat sauce. I love the wider pasta with bolognese. If I had more time and the inclination, I might have made fresh pappardelle (pasta dough recipe here). Pick a couple of basil leaves from the garden, coarsely chopped and voila, great meal in the time it takes to cook the pasta and heat up the sauce.

Another thing I like to make in large batches is fried rice. I sometimes might change up the fried rice, depending on what I have in the fridge or freezer. Great way to use up leftover meat. I don’t usually freeze it since it gets eaten throughout the week. Great for breakfast or lunch with a couple of fried eggs. Or maybe a loco moco if we’re really hungry,  like dinner a week ago. For this loco moco, I used up a couple of Omaha Steak hamburger patties that I received as a gift. 

Ahhhh, fried egg over beef patty over spicy fried rice!

Smothered in homemade chicken gravy. The gravy was made from frozen chicken stock. Ah homemade chicken stock, another thing that’s great to help use up any kind of “aging” veggies.

Delicious (and food coma inducing) dinner in under 30 minutes!

So what does everyone like to keep on hand to help withe those busy-day meals?


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