May 23, 2011 § 9 Comments

After me and the gals were done roaming Vine Ripe, we went back to Alforon and they were open (I was ready to chew my arm off by then). Since Canine Cologne posted a much more thorough on our meal here (check out CC’s post here – she has better pictures), I won’t babble too much and just let the pictures do the talking. Let’s start with flat bread, that delicious garlic paste that would taste good even on a flip flop, and the baba ghanouj.

Here’s the Chicken Tawook, my favorite of the 3 entrees we got.

Zatar flatbread, a little tangy from the sumac, nice contrast to the other two flatbreads, and delicious with the garlic paste.

 And finally, the Lahm Bajeen. I don’t know why but I was almost expecting this to taste like a pizza maybe because it looks a bit like one.

We were pretty stuffed by the end. I need to come back to try their falafel and other flatbreads. And that garlic paste!

Alforon Restaurant
5965 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92115

Tuesday – Saturday 10AM  to 9 PM
Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM
Closed on Mondays

Alforon on Urbanspoon


§ 9 Responses to Alforon

  • hi c – omfg, this place was awesome! must go again and try more things!!!! that was so funny that i have a photo of you and the other c taking photos of our food! normal food blogger behavior of course.

    • CAB says:

      Hi CC! This place was so ass-kicking! Yeah, I think maybe we need to start a “routine” luncheon, something like once a month. But come back to here a few times before we try somewhere else.

  • leanne says:

    Oh, yum… now I’m REALLY craving that garlic paste dish.

  • hi c- a monthly or even bi-monthly lunch sounds like a great idea!!!!

  • Cathy says:

    Good post. I guess I could do one also…

    Yes! A set lunch meeting and never having to talk about work. I’m almost always around and almost always hungry.

    I bought a jar of ‘garlic paste’ at Vine Ripe, but it isn’t the same…very garlicy, not fluffy and has vinegar. 😦 However, I can use it for other things needing a clove of vinegar (salad dressings, sauces, meat rubs). Kir has said he just buys a serving ‘to go’ when he comes here…I wonder if he had anything like it on his vacation…

    • CAB says:

      Alright CC and Cathy, you’re on!

      I wish I could make that garlic paste or even better, find it at some store. I’d buy in bulk. So I’m guessing that Alforon’s garlic paste isn’t similar to Kirk’s Lebanese garlic paste (toum I believe) that he posted on a few years back, bummer.

  • kellypea says:

    We need to get out more to eat meals like this. I read write-ups like this and it sounds so good, I end up trying to find out how to make it myself instead of just going to get it. I’d eat it for breakfast right now. LOVE flat bread.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Kelly! I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I get lazy about driving somewhere too. Unfortunately Alforon is a bit of a drive for us to visit all the time but their flat bread and garlic paste are so good and prices so reasonable that it really is worth the drive.

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