Just Some BBQ

June 4, 2011 § 8 Comments

Holy crap it’s June already! Although not officially Summer yet (another 17 days to go), I doubt anyone would mind if we start a little early. I decided to start the first June weekend with some smoking yesterday. Ah, I do love my Weber smoker. Nothing fancy, just some beef brisket and some pork spareribs and baby back. I started with the brisket, medium heat (250-275 degrees) for 2 hours with apple wood. I really like the mellow smoke flavor apple wood gives pork. I foiled after about 2 hours and kept in the oven on warm until the Mister got home from work. I probably should have taken the internal temperature before I pulled it off the smoker but hell, I was just going to wing it. It felt right when I pushed on the meat with my finger.

I wasn’t exactly sure how juicy this was going to be since it was a smaller piece of brisket, about 2.5 pounds. The cut was okay, a bit gristly and chewy in some parts. Not the best cut of meat but it was juicy. There was a strip of tough cartilage running down the middle of the brisket so I just cut that whole strip out. Problem solved.

A nice bit of smoke ring around it. Just enough smoke flavor to complement the beef. What I’ve learned in the past year about smoking meat (hehe, I still crack up whenever I say that) is that I like just enough smoke where you can taste it but it’s not overpowering. I’ve been to this one BBQ place in San Diego where the smoke was so overpowering that it felt like I was eating smoke with a hint of meat flavoring. There is a thing called too much smoke in my book.

I also made some chili for the Mister since he said he was in the mood for chili. Well, that is until he tasted one of these ribs. After I pulled and foiled the brisket, I threw on a couple of racks of pork spare ribs and a rack of baby backs. I kept these simple, just salt and freshly ground black pepper. These ribs were from farm raised pigs so I wanted the meat to shine rather than slathering them up with dry rubs and sauces. Got some decent smoke on these too. About 2 hours and 15 minutes for all the ribs to get to the pull point that I like. Pull 2 ribs apart, should have some resistance before tearing, juices still running. Ahhhhh, good eats.

Here’s another shot of the baby backs. OMFG these ribs were good. Good even on their own without any sauce. The Mister had a couple, then a couple more. Then said screw the chili, he was going to have ribs. The chili will be even better tomorrow anyway.

I’m no pit master but these were the best smoked ribs I’ve done to date and the best ribs we’ve had in, hell, I don’t know when. The Mister said he wasn’t sure if it was my smoking technique improving or the quality of the ribs or a combo of both but meals like this doesn’t make him want to go out to eat anymore. Which is okay with me if I can continue to smoke up ribs like these.


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