Oxtail Soup the Pressure Cooker Way

June 19, 2011 § 7 Comments

Back when the weather was still a bit cool, I finally made oxtail soup in the pressure cooker. I followed the recipe but only added 2 cups of broth. I can’t find my notes on cooking time but if my memory is correct, I cooked it for 45 minutes. These are the oxtails just before the pressure cooker lid went on.

The oxtails cooked about 5 minutes too long because the meat was falling off the bone. I like the meat to still have some cling. So how did it compare to the stove-top version? Well, it was good but the oxtail and broth lacked the depth of flavor that the stove-top version has. I was a bit surprised that the oxtail didn’t taste as rich since it was browned before cooking. Not sure if it’s because it was cooked a little too long or because of the pressure cooker but nonetheless, it just wasn’t as succulent. I’m guessing the broth was a bit lacking because it didn’t reduce down, which would have intensified the beefy flavor. Overall it was good but I think I’ll stick to the stove-top method. I think in order to get achieve the same depth would add more time to the whole process, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of using a pressure cooker. I don’t know, I might try it one more time with some adjustments.

BTW, the noodles in the first picture were actually kelp noodles (which are Paleo/Primal friendly). The texture is very similar to Asian cellophane (bean thread) noodles. It doesn’t absorb liquid and flavor as readily as cellophane noodles but is a very good substitute. It needs to be kept in the fridge and unused portions will keep for a long time in water.


§ 7 Responses to Oxtail Soup the Pressure Cooker Way

  • Okihwn says:

    I agree about cooking on the stove…

  • Kirk says:

    Hey CAB – For some reason, I still prefer simmering on the stove…. maybe except for making boiled peanuts and cooking for Da’ Boyz, I still go the stove top route. It’s also easier to adjust flavors.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Kirk! I like using the pressure cooker for beets and artichokes, things that take a while to steam. But I don’t like it for quick steams because the overall time to get it up to pressure is only a bit shorter than just letting water boil.

  • Jean says:

    I have never had oxtail soup on the bone. I have only ever had it with the absolute tiniest pieces of meat, it having been cooked until it fell off the bone, which would be around 65 minutes in a pressure cooker.

  • Margaret says:

    Oxtails seem intimidating to cook because of the time it takes to break it down, but now that I have a pressure cooker, I’ll definitely be cooking more of them! I only recently bought a pressure cooker so I’m learning how to use it and trying out new recipes. At first I wasn’t sure which one to buy and what to look for but I found Cookwithpressure.com which really helped me. My only advice for new pressure cooker users is to do your research. Once you invest in one, it makes cooking in the kitchen a real joy!

    • CAB says:

      Hi Margaret and thanks for stopping by. My first stab at oxtail was actually not that bad since I knew if I cooked the dickens out of it, it would be ok. It was more of the flavor that I was concerned about. I haven’t made oxtail in a while since they are so expensive now. Crazy.

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