BBQ Crawl – Stops 2-4

July 23, 2011 § 8 Comments

Stop 2: Barnes BBQ

The second stop on the BBQ crawl was Barnes BBQ “Home of Tha 99 cent Soul Food Menu”. It was a short drive north on Since the beef brisket went so fast at Coop’s, we thought we’d try getting 2 lbs of beef brisket and 1 lb of pork ribs. All the meat came already sauced but I’m sure you could request the sauce on the side, which I would highly recommend. Here are the pork ribs.

The meat was too fall-off-the-bones and mushy for my taste. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me the ribs were boiled first. I couldn’t really taste the pork flavor since the ribs were doused with sauce, which is on the extremely sweet side. The sauce had good flavor but it was hard for me to get over the sweetness. I actually added some of the Louisiana Hot Sauce (bottles were on the tables) to the sauce to counterbalance the sweetness and it was much better. The same sauce was on the beef brisket.

The brisket was sliced thinner here. Thinner slices would be great on a sandwich but by itself, I think I like the slices to be a tad thicker. Again, the sweetness of the sauce was overwhelming but I was able to get a few slices sans sauce. Decent flavor and tender. Not bad.

We got two sides (we chose mac salad and beans) and some wheat bread with our order. I’ve never been served bread with BBQ but it was helpful to combat the sauce. The beans were okay but I wasn’t a fan of the mac salad. I doubt I’d come here for the BBQ but I certainly want to come back to try the 99 cent soul food menu. You can read other crawlers’ posts: CC’s of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High post here, Kirbie’s Cravings post here and Mary’s of Foodies post here.

Barnes BBQ
7820 Broadway
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
Hours:  Tues-Thurs    11:30 am — 9:00 pm
Fri & Sat          11:30 am — 10:00 pm
Sun.                  1:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Stop 3: The Barbecue Pit

We decided to go to the Barbecue Pit in National City rather than the one in El Cajon since the National City location was a little bigger. Although BBCue Pit offers ribs by the slab, we decided to order individually since most of their menu items are set up that way. I thought this would also give everyone a chance to order something other than ribs and brisket if they wanted to. CC and I decided to share a link sandwich and a rib plate. You can read her post here.

Here’s the link sandwich. I don’t really know what kind of meat was in it but I did enjoy the links. Unfortunately Mary and Jake’s links were drier than the one we shared. The casing had a good snap to it and I thought the seasoning was good.

The ribs had decent flavor although the smoke flavor was quite mild. The meat was a bit on the dry side but not bad. The sauce was forgettable as well as their beans and coleslaw. The coleslaw texture reminds me of what you’d get at KFC but not nearly as flavorful, needed some salt and ground black pepper, maybe even just a tad of vinegar.

The BBCue Pit has been around for many years but I doubt I’d drive all the way down here for their BBQ.

The Barbecue Pit
920 East Plaza Blvd.
National City, CA 91950

Stop 4: Huffman’s Barbeque

By this time, we were getting full so we just decided to stop by our last stop at Huffman’s for some dessert, although Dennis of A Radiused Corner did order some BBQ. I decided to order some sweet potato pie and a pecan pie for the Mister.

CC shared her peach cobbler with me (you can read about it here and see some very interesting pictures from inside the restaurant). I thought the peach cobbler had good flavor but would have preferred it at room temp versus the almost scalding temp it was served. Both the sweet potato pie and pecan pie were hot too. I liked the sweet potato pie, if not just a bit tad too sweet. The Mister enjoyed his pecan pie. I had a little bit of it and thought it was good. He had it cold and I think prefer it that way. There aren’t too many warm desserts that I like unless it’s flambe!

Huffman’s Barbeque
5039 Imperial Ave
San Diego, CA 92113



§ 8 Responses to BBQ Crawl – Stops 2-4

  • Kirk says:

    LOL CAB! If you’d hit up these three places first, it would have been three strikes and you’re out! ;o) I’ve got to check out Coop’s….

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Carol, I absolutely loved the vibe of the Barbecue Pit! I should’ve tried the ribs at Huffman’s for consistency but I (as we all were) was ribbed out, ha. Great fun day. Thanks again!

    • CAB says:

      Hey Dennis! I liked the laid back atmosphere and the fact that it was so big. Thanks again for the cute miniature toy food. I got the hand rolls!

  • great post C! i actually liked the thinly sliced brisket at barnes. i just didn’t like how much sauce there was.

    i’ll say it again, i’m so glad we tried coop’s first. we started off with the best place!

  • Kirbie says:

    Great finishing write up. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to read it until now. Catching up on stuff now that Comic Con is over. I hope we do another crawl soon!

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