Friday Ramblings

August 19, 2011 § 8 Comments

Just a clearing out some pictures on the camera. Here’s the most recent pie, banana cream baby! I had to give blueberry pie a break. Oh I still love me some blueberry pie but I just needed something a little different. I used the original recipe but this time, I added 2 layers of banana, yum. I think you might be able to see the specks of vanilla seeds (?) in the custard.

The other thing I did a bit differently is I used Kerrygold butter instead of American butter. As with European butter, the fat content is a bit higher and is much creamier than American butter. The Mister thought this was the best crust so far. The one I got was salted (Costco didn’t have the unsalted version which I usually buy from Trader Joe’s) so I cut back the salt to a quarter teaspoon but in hindsight, I could have left out the salt completely.

Some fried rice with fried egg and a dash of habanero Tabasco sauce. I like this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, uh anytime really.

And lastly, my first attempt at grilled quail. Not so pretty but it was quite nice. Um, lesson learned, truss those legs or else your quail will flash you. I could have posted a full frontal version of this dish but thought I’d spare you (you’re welcome).

So that’s about it for foods lately. It’s (Aloha) Friday and I’m ready for the weekend! Are you?


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