Que Huong

December 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

When a few of my fellow blogger friends got together for lunch at Que Huong recently, I, unfortunately, came down with a rather nasty cold. I really wanted to go but I doubt that CC, Kirbie, Dennis or any of their companions would have cared for a side order of snot. And I’m not talking about this kind of snot. Anyway, bummed was a bit of understatement because I must have really been whining complaining sad about not being able to join my friends. So much that the Mister said he’d take me there when I felt a bit better. So that following week, we had lunch there.

We got there after the lunch crowd and it was just the two of us. Funny cuz we were also the only people in the restaurant the visit after that and it was right around lunch time. Anyway, the restaurant was a lot bigger than I had envisioned, probably because the front door is a bit deceiving.

We didn’t have to look over the menu too much since the ever-so-cool CC had already given some recommendations on what to order. (Thanks CC!) We tried the green apple and pineapple slushies on our next visit. Both were very yummy too but I like the lychee the best.

The first thing to arrive at the table was the pork, shrimp and jack fruit salad. The was sooo good! We love the tang and all the flavors.

The next to come was the caramel prawns. Our dish looked very different than the one CC had during her visit here.  I don’t know, I think maybe I might have ordered the wrong dish. But this was really good. The Mister thought it wasn’t worth the bang of prawns for the buck (aka, too much work for too little meat). But that sauce was killer. I had spooned what was left on rice, so good!

The next dish to arrive was the quail dish. I forgot what this was called but it was really good. A little messy to eat but again, that sauce was delicious.

The last dish to arrive were the wings in fish sauce. These were really really good, especially with a squeeze of the lime and then a bit of salt and pepper. My mouth is watering just thinking about these.

On our next visit, I didn’t take any pictures but we had the pork, shrimp and green mango salad. It was really good but we both liked the jack fruit version better. We also tried the tamarind wings (got half tamarind and half fish sauce). Definitely the fish sauce ones were the favorite.

We also got one of the wild boar dish, wild boar with lemongrass & red pepper. We absolutely loved this dish! I wish I had taken a picture of it but you can see a couple on CC’s post here. This is probably our favorite dish so far. The other dish we ordered on that last visit was the catfish clay pot. You can see Kirk’s picture here. Kirbie also has a picture of it in this post. I enjoyed this more than the Mister. There were quite a few spines in the catfish but that sauce (the sauce again!) was delicious.

The owner and the guy who is referred to as “the guy who folds all that money origami thingies” were really nice. We’ll need to get back here soon.

Que Huong Restaurant
4134 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105
Mon-Fri 11 am – 12 am
Sat 10 am – 12 am
Sun 10 am – 11:30 pm



§ 8 Responses to Que Huong

  • kirbie says:

    Aw, how nice of the Mister. I’m so glad you got to visit after you recovered from your cold. Oh the wings. I’m always craving those wings.

  • hi c – we need to eat our way through their menu! those wings are the $#!T!!!!!!!

    i’m glad you and your husband enjoyed your dishes at que huong. jay (owner) is a very cool guy and the money folding dude is very nice as well.

    i haven’t tried the catfish in claypot here but yeah, i know that sauce is good. i believe it’s just fish sauce sugar and water…i tried making something similar bt with chicken (and not in a claypot). it didn’t come out right but it was close enough!

    • CAB says:

      Hi CC! Those wings are like crack. And yes, I’d totally be up for eating through the menu! I’ve never tried to make any Vietnamese dishes at home and after having the dishes at Que Huong, doubt I’d try it unless there’s a tried-n-true recipe I can follow.

  • the green jackfruit with pork and shrimp is easy to make actually. i’ll send you several versions of the recipe (from various sources), plus it will give us an excuse to go to thuan phat in linda vista for the ingredients!

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Carol, glad that you’re feeling better now! We missed you but totally understood. A dish I really enjoyed was also the Cha Ca Thang Long. It’s a fish with turmeric a dill and you eat it with your bowl with rice noodles and herbs. Haven’t tried all the wing flavors but the fish sauce version seems to be the best. Take care.

    • CAB says:

      Thanks Dennis, I’m all better now (knock wood). I’ll have to try the cha ca thang long next time we’re there. Thanks for the recommendation!

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