Another Visit to Nazca Grill

February 26, 2012 § 6 Comments

During The Mister’s day off this past week, we decided to stop by Nazca Grill for lunch. We got there right around lunch time and the place was buzzing. I’ve been trying a new dish with each visit (you can read about them here and here) since I want to try as many as possible. This time, I decided on the Bisteck a la Pobre, an 8 oz. grill steak with a fried egg on top. It comes with yummy fries and fried bananas.

Oh yeah, and a side of seasoned rice (yum!)

Although the steak was cooked well and was tender, I felt it lacked flavor and was in much need of salt and pepper. I thought the fried egg would add to this dish but not really. The fried bananas were good but I wouldn’t get this again. The only thing that saved the dish for me was sauce from the Mister’s dish, Bisteck a la Chorrillana.

Now this dish was delicious! The 8 oz. grilled steak was also cooked well and those smothered onions in that sauce was so good! The Mister shared his onions and sauce with me. I probably couldn’t have eaten all my steak without his sauce. His dish also came with a side of rice, which is great by itself but outstanding with that sauce drizzled over it!

Neither one of us finished our rice since we were saving room for dessert! We had to look up what some of the dessert items were. The Mister decided to try Alfajores.

Oh man these were good! Tender cookies with Dulce de Leche filling (and on the plate). I had to channel all my will power not to steal these away from the Mister. He offered two of them but I didn’t want to eat all his dessert so I just took a bite of one. Well, mainly because I had my own dessert to finish. I decided to try the Crema Volteada, a Peruvian style flan

It’s been awhile since I’ve had flan and this version is not what I remembered the texture to be but maybe I just don’t really remember. I had expected a more creamy texture. This one was very dense and reminded me of the texture of soft tofu, if that makes any sense. It’s not that I expected a silky feel to it, just not what I had expected. The taste was okay but I wouldn’t get this again. I would most certainly get my own alfajores!

While we were having our desserts, I mentioned to the Mister that I’ll need to look for a recipe for the alfajores. He said I probably could find it at a bakery or store somewhere since they came out of a package. Apparently where the Mister was sitting gave him a view into the kitchen prep area and saw the server take the cookies from a bag. Good to know. Now I’ll have to find a place in San Diego that sells them, perhaps Vallarta or Northgate Market. I suppose I could just try to make my own. Supposedly they are easy to make. We’ll see.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Have a terrific week!


§ 6 Responses to Another Visit to Nazca Grill

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Carol! I remember visiting here once or twice. I had the roast chicken sandwich and this potato dish that looked as pretty plated like a slice of cake! Forgot the name… I should go back and try some other stuff.

    • CAB says:

      Hi Dennis! I was really tempted to get the chicken tamal again since it was really good but I think I’ll wait until next time. You should definitely go back and try some of the other stuff. I want to try a seafood dish next time.

  • hi carol
    sounds like a great lunch!

    i like flan to be extremely dense and silky. not soft and mushy. i think the thicker it is, the more egg yolks it has, but i could be wrong.

    you can buy alfares cookies from Tropical Star on Balboa Ave (it’s next to Noble Chef). they are not packaged – they are homemade or someone brings them in homemade.

    you may also want to try andres on morena blvd. they have a market next to the restaurant that might sell these cookies.

    • CAB says:

      Hi CC! I like the dense and silky kind too. I don’t like the type that’s like creme brulee.

      Thanks for all the suggestions. I found lots of recipes and they all seem fairly easy. Just a matter of figuring out which one I like.

  • duh, i spelled alfajores totally wrong.

    i’m sure u can make a better version of this cookie…

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