Stacks Pancake House – Dana Point

August 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

While visiting the sister-in-law, we decided to go out for breakfast. Stacks Pancake House has gotten some pretty good recs from locals and I’m always up for some local grind-type breakfast. We got there before 9 am on Sunday morning and it was pretty crowded, a line going out the door. Inside seating is limited to about 8 or so tables and there were some seating outside on the patio. It was packed inside but luckily there were a couple of tables open outside. SIL grabbed one for us while the Mister and I waited in line to place our order. We got a couple of menus to look at while in line and much to my chagrin, I didn’t see the loco moco that I’ve read about. But then I saw the kalbi and eggs and thought “ba-zing!” That was what I was going to go with. As we moved closer to the ordering counter, I overheard the guy in front of me ask about the loco moco and the young lady taking the order said they had it. Well, alright. Guess he didn’t see the loco moco on the menu either.  After placing our order and getting a number plate, we headed out to the table.

Coffee and other drinks are served when you order. The Mister and SIL got coffee, I decided to go with guava juice. Hey, going local all da way, ya! This came from a big container rather than individual cans.

First up was SIL’s Santa Fe Scramble: Ortega chili, avocado, Swiss cheese, pico de gallo, fried potatoes and a side of pancakes. She enjoyed this.

The Mister ordered the Greek Omelet, I think. It had spinach, tomato, mushrooms and feta cheese, fried potatoes and a side of pancakes. He said it wasn’t exactly what he was expecting but he still enjoyed it.

And the fluffy, large pancakes. There were two per order. Syrup (not sure if it was Maple Syrup) is located with the condiments at each table. I had joked that it could have been teriyaki sauce, which would have sucked.

I was told the pancakes were very fluffy and tasty.

And now for the loco moco.

Those are double over-easy eggs on top of fried rice with Portuguese sausage. I had a choice of Spam too but I like the sausage with my loco moco. I could have gotten steamed white rice but I felt like fried rice. Hindsight though, I’d wish I had gotten the white rice since the fried rice was rather bland and had green bell peppers (yuck). The gravy that was underneath the eggs was okay, reminded me a bit of the gravy from a packet that my Mom used to make. Needed a lot of hot sauce to punch it up. The yolks were runny although it was cooked just a tad past “over-easy.” Not bad and it certainly was a decent amount of food. I couldn’t finish all the rice.

It was a good breakfast to have on a lazy Sunday morning. The marine layer was providing some coverage from the sun, which was nice since it was a bit muggy and we were sitting outside. While we were eating our breakfast, the place was really, I mean really, getting packed. By 10 am when we were getting ready to leave, the line was double the length from when we ordered and people were standing around fighting for tables. Yup, it was time to leave.

Stacks Pancake House
34255 Pacific Coast Hwy
Dana Point, California 92629


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