Fred’s Mexican Cafe – Old Town

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

During summer, I had a chance to meet the Mister for lunch during the week.  The Mister suggested Fred’s Mexican Cafe in Old Town since he’s been there quite a bit with coworkers. The place is quite large and can usually accommodate large parties without reservations (the Mister knows this first hand). We got there around 11 am to get a parking spot in one of the free lots.

We got seated right away and since it was a typical beautiful summer day in San Diego, we decided to sit outside but in a shaded area since it was already warming up. While we were looking over the menu, our waitress came over to take our drink order. Soon after, a basket of chips and salsa arrived. The Mister always chuckles when these arrive because I get a little giddy since I love chips and salsa.

Let’s take a look at the menu.


Dang, so much to choose from. I asked the Mister for some recommendations. He said he always gets the same thing so he could only comment on those. Can’t fault him since I have a tendency to do the same. His go-to is #7 Three Amigos.

I wasn’t in the mood for chicken but was interested in the pescado taco. So after looking through some more, I found this, #13 Pescado Trio. Perfect! I was in the mood for seafood and this gave me a good sample.

As with many Mexican restaurants in San Diego, food came out fairly quickly. Let’s take a look at the Three Amigos. Starting from the top: Pescado, carne asada, chicken. Rice and beans on the side and the Mister added some guacamole.

Here’s my Pescado Trio, starting from the top: shrimp, calamari, pescado. Also rice and beans on the side with an addition of guacamole. I mainly wanted the guac for the chips.

I enjoyed the pescado and shrimp tacos but the calamari taco was way too fishy for my liking. The calamari was very chewy and tough. I’m not sure what kind of fish was used in the pescado taco. So I think next time I’m going to try the fish taco and shrimp enchilada combo.

Even though the meal was very filling and left us pretty satisfied, the Mister was in the mood for some ice cream.

Next up, Korky’s Ice Cream and Coffee.

Fred’s Mexican Cafe
470 San Diego Ave.
San Diego, CA 92110


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