Triple C Luncheon

October 21, 2012 § 6 Comments

A couple of weeks back, I met up with Canine Cologne of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High and Cathy of mmm-yoso for some lunch and dessert. This is what I like to call the Triple C luncheon (me, Cathy, CC, get it?) Hmm, wait, maybe that really should be the quadruple C since Canine Cologne is really 2 C’s but Triple C rolls off the tongue better. Anyway…

We headed out to Miramar Fish Market (in Chula Vista) for lunch.  CC’s already posted a nice write-up (read it here) so I’m just going to let the pictures do most of the talking here. Here’s the menu board as you walk into the restaurant. The seafood case is to the right in case you rather take some home and cook them yourself.

Some crappy shots of the menu. You can see a better version here.

Compliments of the house: seafood consume (delicious!), chips and a variety of salsas and condiments

Seafood coctel (delicious! and what I was craving for).

And the main dishes (left to right): Culichis (shrimp in cheese and poblano sauce) and Filete Relleno de Mariscos (stuffed fillet).

Here’s a shot of the whole meal.

I really enjoyed all of the dishes with the stuffed fillet being my favorite. It kind of reminded me a bit of the frozen stuffed sole I used to get from Omaha Steaks. But this is way better than that. I was completely stuffed after this but it didn’t stop me from getting some dessert at Sweet Sisters Bakery and drinks at D’Volada.  I seemed to have misplaced the pictures I took but not to worry, CC has is covered in her post here. I was also able to get my chamango fix, hehe.  I wish I knew of a place north of 52 that had chamango. Or perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t know of one considering my obsession with them.

As always, I love my luncheons with my gal peeps. Always a good time, good friends and good eats. Dang, I’m craving those seafood dishes now.


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