Strawberry Freshcream Cake – Paris Baguette (in Zion Market)

August 13, 2013 § 15 Comments

Can you believe summer is almost over? We have been in the steady low 80’s here, not that I’m complaining. August has been typically the hottest month in San Diego.  The record was 93F in 2003. I always seem to focus on August’s temperatures since our wedding day had felt like the hottest day ever. It really wasn’t but it felt that way.

For this year’s anniversary, I decided to get a Strawberry Freshcream cake from Paris Baguette. I was running  errands in the Clairemont area so ended up at the Zion Market location. There’s also another location in H-Mart in Mira Mesa, just fyi.

I’ve been wanting to get a freshcream cake from Paris Baguette for some time and have been waiting for the right occasion. The cakes are not cheap for the size of the cakes, certainly not something I would just get on a whim. Included in the price, you can get complimentary candles as well as a plastic serving cake knife, which I thought was cool. The good news for anyone who doesn’t want to shell out $28-40 dollars or just don’t need a whole one, some of the cakes are available by the slice.

The freshcream cake reminded me of the birthday cakes my mom would buy me from Asian bakery stores when I was growing up. I love these kind of cakes because the cakes are fluffy, just lightly sweet so the fruit filling can shine through. Whipped cream frosting and filling are my favorites.

I got the smaller of the cakes available since I wasn’t sure how we (I) would like it. I figured that if we loved the cake, I can get another one for the Mister’s birthday in a couple of weeks. To quote him after his first bite, “Mmmmmm, oh this is really good.” He concurred that this was the best cake I’ve brought home to date. Even better than the strawberry coconut cake I got him last year.

Here’s a look at the x-section. The only complaint I had  was that there could have been more strawberries in the filling. What little there was was sweet and fruity. I’m using all the will power that I can muster not to go slice a piece right now!

While I was waiting for my cake to be boxed, I got really hungry staring at all the pastry so I bought a small red bean mochi and a soft cheese cake. I ate both of them before I had the mind to take pictures. I did say I was really hungry, didn’t I? Both were very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cheese cake but it is NOT like the Western cheesecake. This was an actual cake with cheese flavoring. The texture was soft, as in the name and had a mild cheese flavor. The texture and flavor are hard for me to explain but I liked it. You should try it. I think I’ll pick up a few more variety of desserts the next time I’m there. Certainly have to get one of these soft cheese cake for the Mister since he gave me a hard time for not getting him one. Not really a hard time but hey, I was hungry, okay?

One more thing, not hard to notice that my blog has a different look. I’m playing around with an updated theme and color scheme. There are some limitations to the template so I decided to go back to my old logo header rather than spend hours on end editing the the codes to fit the animated version. Simple is best these days. Let me know what you think.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their summer so far. Have a great rest of the week!


§ 15 Responses to Strawberry Freshcream Cake – Paris Baguette (in Zion Market)

  • Kirbie says:

    Aw, Happy Anniversary! I know what you mean about focusing on temp. We got married in July and so this year, all during the first few weeks of July, I couldn’t stop focusing on the hot weather and weird rain and being so glad we got married last year instead of this one. The cake looks yummy!

  • Jinxi says:

    Happy Anniversary! I really liked their cheese cake, too 🙂

    • CAB says:

      Thanks, Jinxi! I’d like to try some the other cake flavors. Probably have to try the slices since it would be hard to pass up on the strawberry one.

  • Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! Hey, we both got married Same year! : )

    I love the look of that light and fluffy cake! I’ll have to try a slice next time I go to PB/Zion.

    Your blog revamp looks great by the way. It’s got a cleaner look to it. I like the header with the photos too!

  • Faye says:

    Happy Anniversary! And yes your new blog look is great 🙂

    I bought two of Paris’ cakes for an Xmas party last year and they were ‘ok’.

    Do you think they make the cakes fresh in house? I heard they have them shipped from their main baking headquarters? The whip cream looks amazing in your cake!

    • CAB says:

      Thanks Faye! Glad you like the new look.

      Which cakes did you buy? I saw a couple of the ladies with a mixing bowl with what looked to be the whipped frosting. So if anything is shipped in, maybe it’s just the cake part and they do everything else in-house? They definitely do some baking there since I saw cooling racks with baked goods on them. I think I want to try the large cheese cake or the tiramisu cake. I liked the cake but there was a bit too much cream to the amount of cake. Could be because it was dome shaped too. I’m one of those people who like more cake than frosting actually.

      • Faye says:

        I didn’t see your reply until now – darn it –

        Ok so we tried the Mochi Chiffon cake and the Chocolate Freshcream Cake (this was last year though). Maybe they’ve improved since we tried these two cakes. Family and I felt their cakes tasted a bit too much like the ones you can buy at 99 Ranch (bakery section). I didn’t see their Tiramisu cake at that time though. But they do decorate their cakes beautifully.

        • CAB says:

          Hi Faye, we were there a few weeks ago right after they opened and I saw them take cakes out of cartons. I think you’re right about the actual cakes being made elsewhere and put together locally. I haven’t bought another cake since but might try one again some time next year.

  • Kirk says:

    Happy Anniversary CAB! Another year has passed so quickly!

    • CAB says:

      Thanks Kirk! They say that the reason time goes by faster as we get older is the ratio of how many years we’ve been alive to one year. At 20, the ratio is 1/20. At 40, 1 year is only 1/40. I guess that makes sense to me. But whatever the reason, it still doesn’t explain why a work week seems to slow to a snail’s pace sometimes.

  • Cathy says:

    Happy belated Anniversary! The cake looks delicious. I’ve always been afraid to buy a whole cake for the two of us, but may be able to justify it during ‘birthday week’. My parents got married in July- in Detroit: my brother and I heard a lot about that wedding growing up…and we both have our anniversaries in December.

    • CAB says:

      Thanks, Cathy! Wow, a July Detroit wedding, bet that was hot and humid!

      This cake was actually the smaller of all the cakes, not overly huge for 2 people. I think I got about 8 slices out of it.

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